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2012 Seahawks Offseason: Pete Carroll Speaks About Winslow, Hard Knocks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke with Bob and Groz of 710 ESPN in Seattle to discuss a few things surrounding the Seahawks including the addition of Kellen Winslow and the team's decision to turn down HBO's ‘Hard Knocks'.

With the addition of Winslow., there are those wondering how he will fit in with an offense that already features Zach Miller at tight end.

"Zach Miller had a really good year for us last year. He did a good job of blocking and making the plays we asked him to make. ...We wanted the two tight end group and the factor that it brings to have a catching tight end that can really strike you. A guy that can block and do all the stuff. Zach can do everything. This matchup gets us back on track on how we wanted to express our offense."

Even with all that Miller did last season, Carroll is pretty excited to have such an accomplished catching tight end like Winslow.

"I think this was a tremendous get for us and as we manage our way through bringing him into our team, we see so many aspects of how he can help us and you can just picture the third down and end zone stuff that he can really be a star and we'll fit that in together."

But even with a personality like Winslow in the fold, it didn't change the conservative approach the Seahawks are taking with their team. An invitation to be on HBO's ‘Hard Knocks'? They'll pass.

"...It's a cool show and a great effort for somebody that does it for them, but with the way we are focusing and our process we just don't need that distraction. We are going to move on. It's enough of a challenge putting this thing together for the football season let alone creating a hot sitcom."

It's official. Pete Carroll has lost all affiliation with Southern California. He is now a part of Seattle.

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