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NFL In Canada: Seahawks Face Bills In 2012, Series Extended Through 2017

The Seattle Seahawks will be doing something a little differently in December: instead of playing a normal game, they will head north to Toronto to take on the Bills in what will be billed as a neutral site game on December 16. With many Bills fans living in Ontario and the surrounding areas it will hardly be a neutral site game, and the Seahawks will likely be right in the hunt for a playoff bid in late December. A big game to say the very least for the team.

Could the Seahawks made an annual trip to Canada in the coming years? According to this story from, the Bills received a five-year extension to play in Toronto through the 2017 season. Other teams have played across the pond over in London, but this is strictly something set up by the Bills franchise.

With the Seahawks being awfully close to the Canadian border themselves, you have to wonder if they will look to keep the series with the Bills going in the coming years. Assuming the game in December is a success, it only makes sense for the two front offices to discuss the logistics of working something out.

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