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Tampa Bay HC Greg Schiano Insists Trading Kellen Winslow Wasn't A Message to Team

When Kellen Winslow announced that Buccaneers Head Coach Greg Schiano had told him that he'd be traded or released, many in the media assumed it was a way for Schiano to send a message to his players that you're either all-in or you're out. Winslow revealed what Schiano had told him - intimating that Schiano was not pleased that the tight end was missing some voluntary OTAs. Shiano's reputation is that of a disciplined and detail oriented old school coach, and cutting a high-production player that wasn't fully dedicated to the team is a strong message to his new team.

Schiano denied those notions.

"There is really not a message. It's not one of those situations," Schiano said Tuesday. "The only message I want to address is we need to be the best football team we can be. Time is our enemy. We are running out of time. Teams in our division have a head start on us. Kellen (Winslow) is no longer a Buc. I'd like to focus on the guys that are here. When we do make decisions, I am going to hesitate to look back and really just talk about guys that are Bucs right now."

Whatever the reason - whether it was productivity or attitude, or a little of both, Schiano wanted no part of Winslow, and the former first round pick is now a Seahawk.

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