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Kellen Winslow Trade Reactions Mainly Positive From A Seahawks Perspective

In case you missed it, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded Kellen Winslow to the Seattle Seahawks. Winslow could become a valuable member of the Seahaws given their propensity to use tight ends like Zach Miller and Cameron Morrah, and could provide more versatility up front.

Here are some links to further gauge how Seahawks fans and analysts feel about the deal.

Brian McIntyre of files this report examining the details of the trade.

Danny Kelly broke down his reaction to the trade at Field Gulls. He likes the potential upside of bringing in Winslow, and also feels like what they gave up in the trade is a small price to pay for production from the tight end.

Former quarterback and current member of the Brock and Salk Radio show Brock Huard believes the Seahawks could really use Winslow, and breaks it down here.

Here are some other reactions gathered from Eric Williams of the News-Tribune, which all make interesting points.

To discuss the Winslow trade with Seahawks fans in general, hit up Field Gulls.

Check out the SB Nation NFL YouTube channel for more coverage.