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NFL Will Mandate Wearing Thigh And Knee Pads Starting In 2013

At the start of the 2013 NFL season, pro players will have to revert back to the ways of high school and college football by wearing thigh and knee pads, according to The Associated Press.

The thigh and knee pads will be mandatory equipment and because it's a playing rule, the league does not have to implement it with the cooperation of the NFL Players Association.

"We have a vote of the membership and can implement," said Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay, chairman of the competition committee. "Some of us felt we were remiss that we took it out of the rule book - high school and college makes it mandatory - and in our mind that is how it should be and will be in 2013.

"We have some work to do with the union."

The players may not like the ruling.

"It's psychological," said former All-Pro safety Troy Vincent who is now an NFL vice president. "Less pads you are faster, skinnier, that's just the way I was introduced to the (pro) game. It's a culture shift. They will adjust."