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Oklahoma City Thunder Fans' T-Shirt Takes Shot At Seattle

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Looks like the Oklahoma City Thunder are taking subtle (or not so subtle) shots at the city of Seattle during their playoff run, including a T-shirt that reads ‘Thank You Seattle - OKC' on the back of it.

The New York Times' Howard Beck uncovered the t-shirt on his way from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City to cover Monday's game 5 between the Lakers and Thunder. This isn't a t-shirt being sold at the front door and it isn't an official item being sold by the team, but it's still a pretty petty attempt at low-blowing a city that had nothing to do with the departure of its beloved Sonics.

The vitriol Sonics feel is towards Howard Schultz, but this act pits Thunder fans against Sonics fans when it isn't their fight to swing in. The Sonics' fans have nothing against the players on the Thunder and previously didn't have anything against their fans that have embraced them just like the Sonics fans would have. But the Thunder fans have just made this personal.