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Jon Brockman And Darnell Gant Model UW Swagga Suits

Jon Brockman proved his awesomeness again by modeling and subsequently endorsing a beautiful piece of clothing being dubbed the "UW Swagga Suit" — SWAG standing for Sweet Washington Athletic Gear. The Milwaukee Bucks forward along with recently graduated Darnell Gant are featured in a photo album on the start-up clothing's facebook page.

After viewing these photos, there is no doubt that these former Washington Huskies players are dawgs for life. There is also no doubt that these one-piece pajama suits will be a popular clothing item among fans this upcoming football season. The facebook page's official description of the pajamas reads:

Swagga suits are unique UW onepiece jumpsuits for UW students, faculty, alumni, and fans. These suits are comfy and great to wear to UW events and sports games to show your UW spirit and represent your favorite school!

Props to Yahoo! Sports' Ball Don't Lie for their story on Brockman and his Swagga Suits on Thursday.

See a a few photos of Brockman and Gant wearing their Swagga suits after the jump.


(Via UW Swagga Suits on Facebook)


(Via UW Swagga Suits on Facebook)

For more information on UW Swagga Suits, check out their facebook page and the start-up's official website. For more information on Washington Huskies athletics head over to UW Dawg Pound.