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Seahawks Offseason 2012: Matt Flynn Contract, By The Numbers

The Seattle Seahawks certainly have some questions to answer at the QB position moving forward, though haven't had much time to formulate an opinion on how Matt Flynn will do as a member of the 'Hawks. None of those questions will be about his contract though, which is broken down for us by the NFL Network's Albert Breer.

Here Breer breaks it down for us laypeople:

· 2012: $6 million signing bonus; $2 million base salary (fully guaranteed); $200,000 Pro Bowl bonus; $200,000 NFL MVP bonus.

· 2013: $5.25 million base salary ($2 million guaranteed); $200,000 Pro Bowl bonus; $200,000 NFL MVP bonus.

2014: $6.25 million base salary; $200,000 Pro Bowl bonus; $200,000 NFL MVP bonus.

What it means: If the Seahawks cut Flynn next spring, the cap hit would be $6 million, whereas the hit would be $7.25 million to have him on the roster. That makes the deal almost like a two-year pact with a third-year option.

He didn't have a lot of opportunities to shine sitting behind Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, though when he did he was rather impressive. Pete Carroll is hoping that his time in wait behind the perennial Pro Bowler Rodgers will mean great success in Seattle.

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