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Danny Hultzen vs Trevor Bauer Tonight! (JK!)

Edit: Danny Hultzen is still pitching tonight but Bauer has been promoted to AAA.

The Minor League Game of the Day and one of the better pitching matchups you could hope for happens in Jackson tonight as 2011 #2 pick Danny Hultzen faces 2011 #3 pick Trevor Bauer in a showdown of “Who Got the Better Pitcher?”

Of course, it’s not all as meaningful or as important as that, but that’s what some people will make it out to be. What will be more meaningful for us Mariners fans is seeing Hultzen regain his control after walking 11 batters in his last 11.1 innings. He was described as a pitcher that wouldn’t need much time in the minor leagues but so far he’s had his ups and downs in AA, so it still seems like it could be a little while before he’s even promoted to Tacoma.

You can listen to the game at 5 PST here on the Jackson website.

I also wrote a short preview of the game for FakeTeams here.