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Rick Neuheisel, Pac-12 Network A Good Fit?

The Pac-12 Network is searching for personalities to fill out their air time, and one recently announced college football personality is former UCLA Bruins head football coach Rick Neuheisel, according to The Daily Bruin.

Neuheisel said he would do "a lot of soul searching" before he made his next move.

Apparently, a head-first dive into the world of television required less careful thinking. Neuheisel was introduced as one of three "faces" of the Pac-12 Conference's new TV networks last week.

"You've got to get back up on the horse and ride," Neuheisel said. "I was given a great opportunity by the folks at the Pac-12 Networks."

Although this seems like a move out of the coaching game, Neuheisel would not completely put the idea of coaching again to rest:

"I still love football, and I'm not precluding the chance of going back to coaching," Neuheisel said. "But my mind-set right now is 100 miles per hour for starting this network with a bang and telling the story of Pac-12 football."

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