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Seahawks Among "Best of the Worst" In NFL in 2011

Lance Zierlein, a highly respected analyst for the Sideline View (and other outlets), recently compiled his list of teams that will go from losing records in 2011 to contention for a playoff spot in 2012, and the Seahawks were one of four teams on that list, along with the Chiefs, Bills, and Panthers.

Per Zierlein:

Seattle is the beneficiary of playing in a week division (outside of the 49'ers) and they have a chance to rack up as many as four wins inside the division. Over the second half of the season [in 2011], the Seahawks beat the Ravens and the Eagles and gave the 49'ers all they could handle. If QB Matt Flynn can live up to the hype and if RB Marshawn Lynch can follow up on his strong 2011 season, the offense should improve on their pedestrian offensive output. The Seahawks defense features some young, core players who might be ready to step their game up enough for a run at the playoffs.

Can't say I disagree with his assessment, though ultimately anything can happen. The Seahawks are poised to make a splash in 2012 though with continued improvement on the defensive side of the ball and a few key additions to the offense. They're in a weak division, especially when it comes to opposing quarterbacks, so the competition for the NFC West title should be wide open.

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