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NFL Power Rankings: Seahawks 19th In's Latest

The post-Draft, post-Free Agency (for the most part) but pre-Training Camp NFL Power Rankings are in over at and Elliot Harrison has the Seahawks sitting at the #19 spot, with the following explanation:

If the Lions shocked people with the second-round selection of Broyles, how would you qualify the Seahawks taking Bruce Irvin in the top half of the first round? Seattle has been bold, signing Matt Flynn just days after ticking off Peyton Manning with an unannounced visit (We're here!), then making a move for a linebacker that several teams didn't think was a first-round pick. It will all work out in the end if a) Jason Jones slides up and down the line en route to 8-10 sacks, and B) Flynn plays within himself. There's no need to throw for 490 and win games on his own.

The Seahawks come in behind the Chiefs, Titans, Falcons and Jets, and just ahead of Raiders, Chargers and Cardinals, which seems to be about their range as far as it goes with their NFL 'peers.' However, Harrison's explanation does leave me scratching my head a little bit, especially in the fact that he calls 'reach' Bruce Irvin a linebacker. Irvin will be a defensive end, and should be the one racking up 8-10 sacks in 2012 (Jason Jones is likely to play on the interior, and if he were to grab 8-10 sacks I would do backflips).

The portion about Peyton Manning is completely irrelevant at this point but nonetheless, I do agree with his assessment of Flynn's expectations. If Flynn can 'play within himself', he'll likely succeed, assuming he's the Seahawks' starter. Distribute the ball to the playmakers, hand off to Marshawn Lynch, don't turn the ball over, and the offense should function well.

It's early, Power Rankings at this point in the offseason are pointless, but I still find interested and reading. Blasted NFL.

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