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Seattle Seahawks Sign Donny Lisowski, Andrew Mitchell, Alex Barron, Cooper Helfet

The Seattle Seahawks have signed four players and released four players. Let's take a look at the guys they hung onto.

Alex Barron is probably the most notable name. The 19th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, Barron never really flourished with the St. Louis Rams and struggled ad nauseum with penalties. Here's what he told

"I just wanted to get somewhere. I'm pretty confident in my play. I've made some mistakes in the past, also. But I've gotten to the point where after last season, and coming into the offseason as a free agent, all I want to do is come in and just show that I can play, because it can't be talked about, it always has to be shown."

Donny Lisowski from Montana also got signed. According to Field Gulls, Pete Carroll was ecstatic with the athlete:

"He was all over the place out here. I had no (idea about him), other than he ran extremely fast when he showed up for a workout day. And then he went out there and made a bunch of plays. So I was really fired up about him."

Duke tight end Cooper Helft also got signed and also received some rave reports from this weekend. He has some decent athletic ability and could flourish as an H-back. Tackle Andrew Mitchell (undrafted from Oklahoma State) figures to be a project developmental type player that the Seahawks will have to bring along.

Seattle also let the following players go.

To talk about the new signings with Seahawks fans, go to Field Gulls.