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Oregon Ranks No. 5 Among Public Schools In Revenue

You take a program with multiple elite teams like football, track and the occasional basketball break out, add Nike Town to it and what do you get?

A whole lot of money.

The top revenue schools in the country were determined today and the Oregon Ducks were ranked no. 5 in the country for 2011 with $85.8 million. They were tops among the top five in revenue growth at 89.9% and is the only program from the west coast on the list. Three football schools with decent to good basketball programs (Texas, Ohio State, Alabama) round out the top three with basketball power Louisville barely beating out Oregon for the fifth spot.

Oregon's relationship with Nike has changed the game. The football team's uniforms get as much media attention as the team itself and the design of the basketball court is a sight to behold. Winning is always great, but for college kids, winning in style is even better and that combination has put Oregon on the map as one of the premiere athletic programs in the country.