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Beavers' CB Malcolm Marable Arrested

Oregon State cornerback Malcolm Marable had a brush with the law for the second time this offseason, after he was arrested Sunday according to this report by Cliff Kirkpatrick.

Marable, who served a suspension during winter workouts for a traffic offense, was arrested this time on violent conduct charges after he hit a bouncer at a night club.

In an interesting twist, Marable's involvement was an attempt to "free" 19 year-old teammate Ryan Murphy who was attempting to enter the club using an ID that belonged to another Beaver player, Anthony Watkins.

According to Kirkpatrick, Murphy was cited form misrepresentation of age and trespassing.

Marable played in 12 games in 2011.

Multiple media outlets have reached out to OSU for comment, however, the university has yet to do so.


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