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Washington's Terrence Ross And Tony Wroten Jr. Are First Round Picks In ESPN NBA Mock Draft

With the NFL Draft officially behind us, it's time to put some of our draft focus back on the NBA Draft. Though we won't know the order of the draft lottery until later in the playoffs, ESPN's Chad Ford is still providing mock drafts to get a sense of how the league views certain players - including Washington's Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten.

Both guards are securely in the first round as of now with Ross rated a bit higher than his freshman sensation teammate. Ford has the Philadelphia 76ers taking Ross with pick no. 15 and Wroten going to the point guard starving Atlanta Hawks at pick no. 23.

Here's what Ford had to say about the picks.

Jodie Meeks is the closest thing the Sixers have to a great 3-point shooter right now. Adding Ross would be an instant upgrade at the backup shooting guard spot.

Wroten...may have the most talent of any point guard in the draft. He's big, he's athletic and he can get to the basket. If his shot wasn't broken and if he had a better rep as a teammate, he'd be a top 10 pick.

The Huskies lost their two studs sooner than they would have liked. But having two of their own go in the first round would be a great thing for a once again rebuilding program.