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Grantland Staff Writer Finds Ken Griffey Jr. Chocolate Bars In Mother's Fridge

Grantland staff writer Bryan Curtis tweeted a photo of quite possibly one of the coolest things ever. But if you eat it, it just might kill you.

Yes, that was confusing. Here's why.

Curtis found two Ken Griffey Jr. chocolate bars in his mother's refrigerator that had been in there since... 1989. Yes, Curtis found a candy bar old enough to know what Bo knows.

Personally, I was three years old and still stealing food and drinks from my younger sister when the bar of candy found its way into Curtis' mother's fridge. It's both amazing that 1) she knew she should keep them and 2) that no one accidentally ate them, you know, in the 80s.

How much would these bars go for on EBay? Would the person who bought them actually eat them? The world may never know. All we know is that, finding two Ken Griffey Jr. chocolate bars in your mother's fridge has to rank among the coolest things to happen to a sports fan.

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