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Seattle Mariners vs Oakland A's Live-Blog: The Rest of the Story

This game has begun to plod along, with the score remaining 7-2, Mariners. Chone Figgins recorded his third hit (of the game!) in the eighth and reached base for the fourth time, putting runners on first and second with no one out. Dustin Ackley followed that with a sexy line-drive that almost went through the right fielder, but was caught anyway. Ichiro then grounded into an inning-ending double play, which is the only other thing as unlikely as Figgins getting three hits in the same game.

In the bottom of the eighth, the A's get the first two batters on base, but are unfortunate to have Reddick's deep line drive nestle into Michael Saunders' glove. A base hit by former Rockies infielder Seth Smith makes it 7-3. By the way, what's a real-world equivalent for a hitter going from Colorado to Oakland? Being told by your server that they're out of filet mignon and being served Moons Over My Hammy instead? Anyhow, Tom Wilhelmsen, the M's pitcher getting rattled by the A's hitters, bounces back to freeze Cespedes for out number two.

With the A's down to their last out of the innings, Sims mentioned that current batter Kurt Suzuki is arousing the Oakland fans, and that's still funny to me. Suzuki strikes out, inning over.

After the first out in the ninth, ROOT's telecast is interrupted by technical difficulties, which is a nice break from their on-air difficulties. A bunch of not-baseball stuff is happening right now. Back to Angie Mentink and Bill Krueger at the studio. What is going on here? The internet tells me that it's still 7-3 in the bottom of the ninth, but why tan't I watch it. ROOT! The hell, dude?

ROOT has now replaced live video with foggy audio of Dave Sims narrating the bottom of the ninth. It sounds like there's one on with two outs, but there could be a a tornado-induced fatality in the stadium and we wouldn't know any better based on this garbage.

The garbled words being strangled on my TV seem to indicate that the Mariners have won. Internet confirms it. This was actually a pretty encouraging game from the M's. Brandon League closes it down and Seattle will hand the ball to Felix Hernandez with a 2-1 record.

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