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Seattle Mariners vs Oakland A's: Live-Blog

Welcome to the states-side opener of the Mariners' 2012 season. Last week, the M's took Japan by storm (too soon?) with a 3-1 extra-innings victory, followed up by a lethargic 4-1 loss the next day. Now, after going back through Spring Training, these teams will pick up their series where they left off. Actually, not where they left off, because that would mean a return trip to Japan. But they'll pick up their series in Oakland, which, you know.

6:47 - Pre-game show is in full swing on ROOT, and after the usual recaps of the Japan games and the empty player interviews, we get to the real gold: Bill Krueger's "Keys to the Game", the most filler of all filler pieces. Let's see what today's keys are.

*1.) Let's Do The Twist -- Something to do with Vargas' delivery.

*2.) Flash the Stop Sign -- Apparently this means Miguel Olivo needs to throw out base runners. Not the first time I'm unable to make the connection during this segment.

*3.) Long Ball Late -- Don't give up home runs late in the game. I get that it's difficult to come up with new, compelling "keys" for every game, but it's stunning how few of these provide fans with any sort of insight.

Fortunately, they switch back to the always composed Brad Adams (Bradams?) without spending any time responding to Krueger.

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