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Ben Crane Adds Some Speed To His Golf Game [VIDEO]

Former University of Oregon standout Ben Crane has slowly but surely been making his way up the leaderboard at the 2012 Masters, trying to earn his first major victory of his PGA tour career. Crane is a lot more than just some stuffy, rich golfer, he's a comical, viral video producing madman, even getting some of his PGA Tour buddies in on the action sometimes.

After the jump we bring you one installment of his video series, in which he teaches us the intricacies of playing one of golf's my beloved side-games; speed golf.

Crane is also great at making fun of himself, being known from being a slow player on tour. Rory Sabatini even walked off the green without him in the middle of one of Crane's putts. Below Crane attempts to harness the power of speed golf to face his own personal fears, and try to improve himself on the course.

On Slow Play (via bencranegolf)

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