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Huskies Shaq Thompson, Sean Parker Will Look to Mimic Success of Seahawks Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas

Sean Parker and Shaq Thompson headline the Huskies' defense in 2012.

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Kam, bam, thank you mam.

Kam Chancellor arrived on the scene for the Seahawks as a big, hard-hitting safety. He teamed with Earl Thomas to give Seattle a pair of young, ball-hawking safeties to anchor a defense that was quickly becoming one of the best in the league.

The duo showed how the two furthest players from the line of scrimmage can be two of the most impactful, and their success could inspire a future generation of safeties in the state, much like the way Jason Kidd of the NBA's New Jersey Nets inspired a generation of point guards in Jersey.

Yes, someday, the University of Washington will certainly benefit from the trickle-down of Chancellor and Thomas, and will one day have a safety duo of their own to root for. But fans will have to wait.

One whole offseason.

That's right, the Huskies might have a safety pair to match sooner than you think. That's because Sean Parker - a former top recruit who chose the UW over Michigan and USC on ESPN - will be a wily junior.

And Shaquille Thompson - arguably the most highly regarded incoming defensive player in school history - is enrolling in the fall.

Parker has already proven himself. While at five-foot-ten Parker doesn't have prototype size for a strong safety, that didn't prevent him last year from being the team's hardest-hitter. He also hauled in four interceptions to go along with his 91 tackles, making him the leading returner in both categories.

And Thompson, while technically unproven at the college level, has all the trimmings of a superstar.'s Scott Kennedy said in this clip that he believes there's only one safety in the Pac-12 right now better than Thompson; a once in a generation recruit.

With prototypical size (six-foot-two), closing speed and incredible instincts, Thompson should be able to make an immediate impact in the Washington secondary.

Football fans in the state of Washington better be ready for some exciting secondary play in the days ahead. With safety duos like Chancellor and Thomas, and Parker and Thompson, opposing teams should find it a struggle to get the ball deep down field. Whether they be NFL teams, or college teams.