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206 Clicks: Seahawks Debut New Uniforms, Mariners Protest New Stadium

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And Tony Wroten decided to go to the NBA draft (headlines can only be so long).

Tuesday's news cycle was full of debate.

First off, the Seattle Seahawks put out their new jerseys, and there seems to be no consensus opinion on them yet. While I do like the uniforms to an extent, I was just to enamored with how cool Marshawn Lynch looked in the pictures released by the team. Is there any other word than "beastly," to accurately describe Lynch in those photos. Field Gulls has full coverage of the uniforms and pictures. My question to you: Are these news uniforms better or worse than the team's current uniforms?

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  • Tony Wroten will be playing for an NBA team next season. Washington's super frosh declared for the NBA draft on Wednesday. In all likelihood, Wroten will be drafted in the first round. His ability to get to the rim and score along with his passing skills make him one of the top point guard prospects in the draft. However, will he ever be an effective NBA player? He has a weak right hand, does not consistently play defense and can not make a consistent jump shot. Wroten thinks he is ready. My question to you: Did Tony Wroten make the right choice in deciding to declare to the NBA draft? (Montlake Madness)
  • Jamie Moyer will be pitching for the Colorado Rockies this season. Pitching half of his starts at Coors Field won't help his stat line, but who cares? He's everything good about baseball. So good, that you can buy a T-shirt and it'll go to charity. Support the Moyer foundation here.
  • Several preseason top 25 rankings were released on Tuesday. Gonzaga is a consensus top 25 team along with Arizona. Washington is nowhere to be found. (Rush The Court)