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SB Nation Gives Seahawks' Draft A B+

SB Nation graded the drafts of the NFC West's teams and started their discussion of the Seattle Seahawks with, ‘this is a really, really hard draft to figure out.'

Welp, that's always a good sign.

Nonetheless, through all of the difficulties the SB Nation crew found in evaluating the Seahawks, they still gave them an overall grade of a B+ for what they did.

They questioned drafting three outside linebackers and three defensive tackles for a defense that was already pretty good in their estimation but understood that coach Pete Carroll saw the two spots as need positions.

The pick of running back Robert Turbin was considered the best value pick as incumbent running back Marshawn Lynch has had injury issues in the past so having some insurance behind him is always a good thing.

They named quarterback Russell Wilson as the sleeper pick and called him ‘a gamer and a leader'. They even went as far as to say that if Wilson was two inches taller, he would have been the third quarterback taken and possibly would have been a second round pick or higher.

Only time will tell if these evaluations come to fruition.