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Seahawks Prove They Don't Care What Other People Think

The Seattle Seahawks have heard all the chirping around the league. They've heard all the naysayers who questioned their draft decisions. But the funny thing about the Seahawks is this.

They don't care.

If you question why they picked Bruce Irvin at no. 15 in the first round, they have this to say, according to Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.

Coach Pete Carroll said: "Best pass-rusher in the draft."

Even another GM said about Irvin: "He was going in the first round, guaranteed. He's got rare pass-rush skills."

To take it further, the Russell Wilson pick that was lauded by the most of the ESPN coverage team, also created some discussion. But one personnel director told King, "They just value players differently than almost every other team. They get a feeling on a guy and it doesn't matter if they're the lone wolves - they're going to take the guy no matter what anyone else thinks."

GM John Schneider said this about Wilson: "One of the top three players I scouted this fall. We had a great conviction on him."

That's all the Seahawks ever need.