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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Seahawks Receive A 'B' For Solid Draft Class

Now that the 2012 NFL draft is finally over, it's time to dissect it each and every way possible, starting with some overall draft grades, provided by SB Nation's very own Ryan Van Bibber.

No one in the NFC west got an outstanding mark aside from the St. Louis Rams, though the Seahawks were right behind them, getting stamped with a B for this year's draft class.

Here is Van Bibber with the commentary:

It will be interesting to see what becomes of Bruce Irvin. He has talent, and I tend to underwrite character issues a little because, well, twentysomethings sometimes act stupid. Seattle's 2012 draft class will be judged by Irving. With Russell Wilson, the Seahawks may be trying to sew together a trio of iffy quarterbacks into a great one. How'd that work for Frankenstein?

The Bobby Wagner pick is a solid. Robert Turbin fits well behind Marshawn Lynch.

The Seahawks still seem to have a gigantic question mark at the quarterback position, but still drafted well for things that they needed, picking up solid talent for the future, though could have some impact this season.

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