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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Seahawks Receive A 'D' For Selecting Bruce Irvin

SB Nation resident NFL guru Joel Thorman went through each and every first round pick of the 2012 NFL Draft with a fine tooth comb, placing an appropriate grade to each selection made by each respective team. In most regards he had some nice things to say about the picks, though there were a few that he couldn't help but giving a poor grade.

Unfortunately one of those teams was the Seattle Seahawks, the only team to receive a grade of 'D- This Is A Stretch', as their pick of Bruce Irvin has caused some to wonder why:

Seahawks: Bruce Irvin had some fans but he was widely viewed as a second round pick. The Seahawks took him 15th overall. A very "Huh?" type of moment.

Only time will tell how this pick shakes out, but it doesn't look incredibly good on paper at the moment. Seahawks fans can only trust the judgement of their franchise's braintrust and hope for the best for Mr. Irvin on their squad.

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