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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Seahawks Selected Luke Kuechly In First Round

The Seattle Seahawks have been linked to numerous linebackers and pass rushers over the course of the last few weeks and this latest mock draft from FOX Sports suggests the Hawks will go with Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly in the first round. There has also been some talk of the team trading down should they not like any of the remaining options on the board by the time their 12th pick comes around, so that will also be something to watch in the next 36 hours.


The Seahawks' top need is probably inside linebacker, so this would be a perfect match. A trade up to get Ryan Tannehill is a rumor, too, and there's a chance Kuechly will be off the board at the time of this pick. If he's not, though, he should be the selection.

Kuechly was arguably the best tackler in the nation last year and reportedly blew potential teams away during the interview process. One general manager went as far to say the talented linebacker was, "The kind of guy you want your daughter to marry."

There is no doubt that Kuechly will hear his name called early on Thursday night; will it be the Seahawks taking him, or will they try and opt for a quarterback or playmaker at wide receiver? The 2012 NFL Draft is just hours away.

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