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NFL Draft 2012: Seahawks Prepped for Several Contingencies On Thursday

The Seahawks sit at an interesting position in this year's NFL Draft with the 12th overall pick - much higher than last year's 25th spot even after finishing the season with an identical record of 7-9. The 12th spot is right sits on a ledge, as Seattle GM John Schneider recently put it, still at a place where the team could potentially grab an elite talent, but also at a place where teams may be inquiring about trading up to grab the remnants of that elite talent. In other words - the Seahawks might be tempted to grab one of the remaining blue chip prospects, but they may be more tempted to accumulate some draft picks, as they only hold six heading into Thursday's action.

Schneider told

"We have to be prepared for other people to come to us. Either we have to be strong and just sit there and take a really cool player or be able to negotiate in a fast manner with a team trying to get up and just decide whether -- say they give you two picks -- if those two players would be worth the guy we'd be giving up."

It's the age old question when it comes to drafting: are two good players worth more than one great player? Is it worth giving up a chance to grab a potential franchise type player for the temptation for two? There's no easy answer, especially when you take into account the fact you're dealing with human beings trying to project what other human beings will do with an opportunity. There is a lot of risk involved. One player that looks 'great' right now may end up being a bust, and two players that you like later on in the draft may end up being better anyway.

Either way, Schneider and Pete Carroll are going into the draft confident in their prep work.

Said Schneider:

"We don't change our board. We just know if we get out [of the 12 spot], instead of looking at this one player, we have a chance to get these two players in such and such round. We have to be prepared for a couple different scenarios when we're picking."

It should be interesting. Only two more days.

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