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206 Clicks: King Felix Brilliant, But Mariners' Bullpen Falters

Mariners 1, Indians 2 [box]: Eight shutout innings, 12 strikeouts and 1 walk. Felix will pitch good again, that's not a question. However, will the Mariners offense or the Mariners bullpen do their jobs when the King is on the mound? On Thursday, both Brandon League and the team's offense came up short. League blew the save and gave up two runs in the ninth inning. The Mariners offense only managed one run on five hits. Here's Jeff Sullivan from Lookout Landing with post game analysis. Next game: Today, Seattle (7-7) vs. Chicago White Sox (6-6), 7:10 pm PT, ROOT Sports, 4.5 games back.

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Thursday's Tweet of the Night:

  • Grantland's Shane Ryan does not have nice things to say about Seattle Mariners fans or just Seattle in general. Read his reaction to the record-low attendance from Wednesday's game here.
  • Paul Allen did not like a column by The Oregonian's John Canzano so he posted pictures of Octopuses to vent. No really, he did.
  • Pacific Takes puts the recruiting spotlight on UW target Aaron Gordon. Avinash Kunnath thinks UW is the favorite. Pac-12 Arizona and Stanford have also been at the top of Gordon's list.
  • Isaiah Thomas dropped 20 points and dished out 8 assists in Sacramento's loss to the Spurs on Thursday night. Here are highlights of the Rookie of the Year candidate from last night's game:

Isaiah Thomas vs Tony Parker, Round 2 (via TheDarweb)

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