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206 Clicks: Terrence Ross Declares For NBA Draft

Terrence Ross will be in an NBA uniform by this time next year. With Ross gone, Husky fans will be hoping freshman Tony Wroten decides to stay next season, or the Huskies could be in serious trouble. Here is the official release from UW.

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  • Stephen Magagnini from the Sacramento Bee wrote a moving piece on Isaiah Thomas. Magagnini went really deep into Thomas' life and did not repeat the same story lines Washington basketball fans have heard before. Everyone says that Thomas has a big heart, but this articles shows us why he has a big heart. This article is a must read.
  • Ryan Leaf's troubles re-appeared on Friday afternoon after being arrested for burglary, drug possession and theft. Our own Brian Floyd examines the incident and Leaf's ongoing battle with addiction at CougCenter. Here's the reaction from the Go2Guy, Jim Moore.
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