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WrestleMania 28: Full Results & What Happens Next?

Sunday's WrestleMania 28 lived up to the hype and then some. One of the more solid supercards from top to bottom, the big matches all delivered and nothing was horrible, which is more than can be said of many WrestleManias. Here is the full recap of the match results and a bit of a look ahead to the future.

The WWE Tag Team Championship was successfully defended by Primo and Epico in a triple-threat match. Primo got the pinfall on Jimmy Uso to defeat the Usos and the team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

Sheamus needed just 18 seconds to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Washington's own Daniel Bryan, who was distracted after receiving a good-luck kiss from girlfriend AJ and fell prey to the Brogue Kick.

Kane defeated Randy Orton following a second-rope chokeslam.

The Big Show knocked out Cody Rhodes with a big right hand to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos defeated Beth Phoenix and Eve after Menounos rolled up Phoenix for the pin.

The Undertaker finally was able to hit a Tombstone on Triple H for the pin after a 30-minute-plus Hell in a Cell match. The Undertaker is now 20-0 at WrestleMania.

John Laurinaitis' team defeated Theodore Long's team, thus making Laurinaitis the general manager of both "SmackDown!" and "Raw." The finish came after the Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on a distracted Zack Ryder.

CM Punk successfully defended his WWE Championship when he forced Chris Jericho to tap out with the Anaconda Vice.

In the main event, the Rock defeated John Cena when he stopped Cena in the middle of a People's Elbow attempt and delivered a Rock Bottom for the pin.

So where does WWE go from here? They are expected to announce a match for next year's WrestleMania on "Raw" on Monday night. Will it involve a Rock and Cena rematch? There are also rumors of Brock Lesnar, Batista and Lita being in Miami over the weekend. Will one -- or all three -- of the former champions make an appearance and build toward a match for next year's big event?

It seems likely that the feuds between Punk and Jericho and between Bryan and Sheamus will continue. The most evident, immediate result of WrestleMania will likely be the impact of Laurinaitis as the new WWE general manager.

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