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Mariners Offering Free Tickets to Attendants of Home Opener

Safeco Field had a credit card computer snafu during the Mariners' home opener last Friday, and because of the inconvenience this caused for fans, the organization is now offering everyone that was at that game another chance to come to the ballpark, free of charge.

Via the Mariners' official website, Chuck Armstrong, Mariners President and COO offered a statement: "We always want our fans to have a positive experience with the Seattle Mariners and Safeco Field. What happened Friday night was unacceptable and I offer my sincere apology to all of the fans who suffered through the long lines and inconvenience. The guest experience on Opening Night was nowhere close to meeting our standards and we want to make it up to our fans."

Shortly after the game started, the software that manages the point of sale for concessions there began experiencing problems and credit card transactions were shut down. Even after a re-boot, wasn't back online until the 8th inning. This led to long lines at concession stands and cash machines as hungry and thirsty fans looked to get their garlic fries and beers. Thankfully, no violent riots among sold-out crowd or in the Kings Court, as Seattle cruised to 4-0 shutout behind a dominant performance by Felix Hernandez.

Head over to the Mariners' website to find out how to claim your ticket.

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