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Seahawks Schedule 2012: Quick Reactions

If you haven't yet seen it, the NFL has released the full schedule for the 2012 season and the Seahawks grabbed two primetime slots, playing host to the Green Bay Packers in Week 2 for Monday Night Football, then making the trip south in Week 7 to take on the 49ers on a Thursday Night.

Here's a look at the full schedule:

WEEK 1 Sept 9th - at Arizona Cardinals, 1:15 pm
WEEK 2 Sept 16th - vs Dallas Cowboys, 1:05 pm
WEEK 3 Sept 24th - vs Green Bay Packers (MNF), 5:30 pm
WEEK 4 Sept 30th - at St. Louis Rams, 10:00 am
WEEK 5 Oct 7th - at Carolina Panthers, 1:05 pm
WEEK 6 Oct 14th - vs New England Patriots, 1:05 pm
WEEK 7 Oct 18th - at San Francisco 49ers (Thursday Night Football), 5:20 pm
WEEK 8 Oct 28th - at Detroit Lions, 10:00 am
WEEK 9 Nov 4th - vs Minnesota Vikings, 1:05 pm
WEEK 10 Nov 11th - vs New York Jets, 10:00 am
WEEK 11 Nov 18th - BYE
WEEK 12 Nov 25th - at Miami Dolphins, 10:00 am
WEEK 13 Dec 2nd - at Chicago Bears, 1:15 pm
WEEK 14 Dec 9th - vs Arizona Cardinals, 1:05 pm
WEEK 15 Dec 16th - at Buffalo Bills (in Toronto), 1:15 pm
WEEK 16 Dec 23rd - vs San Francisco 49ers, 1:15 pm
WEEK 17 Dec 30th - vs St. Louis Rams, 1:15 pm

At first glance, there are some things to like as Seahawks fans and some things to be wary of. The first chunk of their schedule looks pretty tough, and might be pretty daunting through Week 8. The first four games will be a test for the Seahawks - two division games on the road - Weeks 1 and 4 respectively, bookending tough matchups with the Cowboys and Packers at home.

After that, the Hawks will head east to play Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, an underrated and improving young team that could certainly present some problems for the Hawks. Not a week to look past. Following that game, the Hawks return home and get no reprieve, facing off against the Patriots and Tom Brady at home. So, for those of you keeping track at home, the first six weeks will feature, likely, Kevin Kolb, Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton and Tom Brady. The Seahawks young and exciting defensive secondary will have to hit the ground running.

No rest for the weary, as the Hawks head into Week 7 and face the defending NFC Champion 49ers in their place, then head east to Detroit to face Matt Stafford and the Lions high-flying offense in a 10:00 am game.

Here are some silver linings - the Seahawks return home in Weeks 9 and 10, where they typically play pretty well, then head into the bye week much later in the season that we've become accustomed to. A Week 11 Bye should give the Hawks a great chance to rest, heal up and get charged up for the home stretch.

The Hawks later part of the season includes a trip to sunny Miami, another visit to Soldier Field, the 24th time in the past three years (or so it seems), a quick stop at home against the Cardinals, then an interesting away game in Toronto to face the Bills. The Hawks then finish off the season at home for their final two games, facing off against division rivals the 49ers and Cardinals. Hopefully they're still in the playoff hunt that late in the season, because those games will play to their advantage.

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