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Thursday Night Football Schedule: Seattle Seahawks Play San Francisco 49ers In Week 7

The Seattle Seahawks will have two primetime games this year. One of them will be against a divisional rival on Thursday Night Football.

Seattle will draw the NFC West champion San Francisco 49ers the seventh week of the season, where the Seahawks will have to go to Candlestick Park and try and get a victory. Seattle lost to San Francisco 33-17 in Week 1 of last year on their trip there, then played a close contest in Week 16 before falling 19-17 at the end.

Thursday Night Football will feature every NFL football team to ensure that every team will be on national TV at least once this season.

To talk about the game with Seahawks fans, head on over to Field Gulls. To discuss how the game will go with 49ers fans, go to Niners Nation.

Check out the SB Nation NFL YouTube channel below, see if you'd be interested in subscribing to this channel.