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2012 NFL Schedule To Be Announced Today

There's a lot of optimism going into the Seattle Seahawks season. But if they're going to have the success they envision for themselves, they'll have to navigate what is shaping up to be the 11th toughest schedule in the NFL.

The Seahawks, as well as the rest of the league, won't know exactly when they'll be playing their 2012 opponents until a 4:00 pm PST three-hour special on the NFL Network today but we do know who and where they'll play. Their opponents are as follows:

Home games: Packers, Patriots, Jets, Vikings, Cowboys, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams.

Road games: Bears, Lions, Bills, Dolphins, Panthers, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams.

That's a combined .504 winning percentage based on last year's records. It's manageable, but still challenging. They get the Packers, Patriots and Jets at home but they have to travel to the Bears and Lions which are two places that are always tough to play especially now that the Lions actually have a real football team again. Handling their business within the division against the Niners, Cards and Rams will be key.

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