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NFL Draft 2012: Seahawks Love Ryan Tannehill But Could He Fall To No. 12?

Something random always seems to happen at the top of every draft. A player gets picked earlier than expected or a player seen as a top pick takes an unexpected tumble until landing into the lap of a team that never expected that player to be there when they selected.

This season, if that were to happen to Ryan Tannehill, the Seattle Seahawks would be that giddy team shocked by their fortune. Apparently, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is in love with Tannehill. Even though he has incumbent Tarvaris Jackson and free-agent signee Matt Flynn already on the roster, as seen on Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.

Still the most likely scenarios are Tannehill to Cleveland at four or Miami at eight. But why 11? Because teams around the league know how much Seattle loves Tannehill. And you can write this down: If Tannehill were to be there at 12, Seattle would take him, even though the Seahawks just paid medium dollar for Matt Flynn in free agency. That's how much Seattle loves him.

Pete Carroll sure hopes this unlikely scenario comes to fruition. At least that's what folks are telling King.

"At Tannehill's workout," one source told King, "[coach] Pete Carroll was giggling like a schoolgirl watching him throw. His attitude was like, ‘What are we even doing here? He'll never be there for us."

But what if he is? Stranger things have happened. Just ask Aaron Rodgers or Randy Moss.

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