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2012 MLB Draft Order Released: Mariners Pick Third

Major League Baseball has released the draft order today for the upcoming draft taking place on June 4th through June 6th and the Seattle Mariners have the pleasure of yet another high draft pick. The Mariners have the third overall pick of the draft, but then will have to wait quite a bit until after all the compensation picks are done, with their second pick not coming until the 64th overall. While the MLB Draft does go in a consistent order, teams that lost either Type A or Type B classified free-agents are given compensation picks in return for their losses over the off season. So in the Mariners case, being bad draft wise is a double-edged sword. Sure - the Mariners have a high draft pick, but they also lost no one worth any talent to get any compensation picks in between.


This is the fourth time in Mariners history the team has drafted third, the last two being Jose Cruz Jr (1995) and Jeff Clement (2005). Not exactly the best track record.