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Pete Carroll Reflects About The Matt Flynn Signing

Matt Flynn went to Miami after visiting with Seattle during the free agency period. But head coach Pete Carroll received a phone call early the next morning from Flynn simply stating: "Hey Coach, I want to come to Seattle."

That's what Carroll said during an interview with WQAM in Miami with Joe Rose.

"It was kind of like a recruit calling me. He wanted to come. We hadn't even done a contract yet. We were thrilled about that and for whatever reason he thought this was the best fit for him and we were happy to get him."

There were no promises of a starting position. There were no guarantees that Flynn was going to be handed anything just because he was the new guy in town. All that was there for Flynn was a chance.

"What we are looking for is to make this position very competitive. Tarvaris Jackson was our starter last year and he's coming in to compete head-to-head for the starting job. It's my job now to make sure I create a competitive opportunity for both kids to show they can fit in and we'll go with the best guy and it's going to make our quarterback position better certainly. We are happy about that."

Rose brought up the fact that Flynn only has two starts under his belt. Carroll brought up what team he just came from and the track record they have of grooming quarterbacks.

"He's only got two games behind him. That's something you gotta be concerned about. However, we really regard the job that Mike McCarthy does with his quarterbacks and how they prepare them. He's gone through the same process that Aaron Rodgers went through and we are thinking he is ready to hit the same here."

That's what Seattle is banking on.

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