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Kings Ownership Suggests Power Band Pavilion Renovation, Not Relocation

With talks between the city of Sacramento and Sacramento Kings ownership seeming to deteriorate by the day, the Maloof brothers held a press conference in New York on Friday morning discussing their concerns with the deal and trying to come up with possible solutions.

One idea had by the Maloofs was for a renovation of the Kings already standing stadium, Power Band Pavilion, instead of building a brand new stadium in downtown Sacramento. Where does this leave Seattle in attaining a NBA team? Well, it doesn't really change much at the moment unless a large shift in negotiations are made.

Per Arash Markazi On Twitter:

Unfortunately there seems to be only one place the Kings could really move to, and that is Southern California. Despite all logic saying moving to Anaheim isn't a great move, putting three NBA teams in essentially one market, Seattle will likely have to look elsewhere if they want to land an NBA team.

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