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The History of Hockey In Seattle [VIDEO]

With all the talk of a new arena deal in Seattle - Christopher Hansen is reported to have bought $40 million more in real estate in the SODO district just recently, assumedly with the Arena in mind - local area sports fans have become intrigued with the idea of a possible NHL team in the city. Hockey isn't foreign to the area, in the big picture anyway, and though it hasn't been a major professional sport in Seattle for some time, that doesn't mean there's no history of pro hockey here.

Our own Cassie McClellan has been diligently educating novice hockey fans here at SB Nation Seattle since word of a possible new arena deal came out with the thought in mind that though many of you like watching hockey and have an interest in it, with no team in the area, some of us might have fallen behind in our expertise of the sport and the NHL. If you're looking for a little supplemental information to Cassie's 'Frozen Grounds' series, you're in the right place. After the jump, Chirillo Productions brings us Seattle Hockey History in 10 Minutes.