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Ernie Kent's Move To CSU Blocked By School Administratior, According To Report

Apparently former Oregon men's basketball coach Ernie Kent's plan to make the move to Colorado State might not be happening after all, after a report from CSB Sports' Gary Parrish notes that a high-ranking administrator at Colorado State has blocked his hiring at CSU.

"It was done and somebody vetoed it," a source said. "Now Ernie is out."

Reports came out on Tuesday that Kent was likely on his way to become CSU's latest head coach after former coach Tom Miles went to Nebraska, but apparently someone at CSU didn't want it to happen, though the report does not give any reasoning as to why the deal was vetoed by the administration, or who the person was.

Southern Miss coach Larry Eustachy was being considered along with Kent to fill the vacancy, and now is seen as the leading candidate to land the position.

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