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Miguel Olivo is a Defensive Liability

In team sports it is pretty hard to blame a loss on just one person. Even if you are the closer and give up the go ahead home run, your fellow hitters still had eight or nine innings to try and get far enough ahead where one run doesn't matter. But last night, although the Seattle Mariners collectively got shut out in a 1-0 loss to the Texas Rangers, one persons inability to preform at his position really stands out - and Dave Cameron at the always on target USS Mariner really takes him to task on it.

It’s Time For Miguel Olivo To Be Accountable | U.S.S. Mariner

It’s not fair to say that Olivo’s misplay was the only reason they lost, but it directly led to the only run the team allowed all night, and it is fair to say that Olivo has no excuse for not stopping that pitch.

That is the easiest that Cameron goes on Olivo, and it is a good read as Cameron approaches the issue like he does with most - a barrage of statistics. It is really disheartening, and a bit surprising, to read that Olivo is as bad defensively as he is. But the statistics are there, and in the meantime, in games like last night, that defensive liability will inevitably cost the Seattle Mariners some baseball games.