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NBA In Seattle: More Land Purchased In SODO, Sacramento Plans Hit Snag

As the struggle to bring the NBA back to Seattle continues to rage on, San Francisco hedge fund manager and primary investor Chris Hansen confirmed to that he has indeed purchased seven total parcels of land just south of Safeco Field where his proposed stadium would likely go.

Not only that, the Sacramento Bee is reporting that the city of Sacramento and the Kings continue to fins snags in their apparent deal, with the Maloof family seeming to cause most of the trouble.

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With the Kings seen by many to be staying in Sacramento, their meeting with NBA officials on New York City this week will hopefully spell out some of the concerns that the Maloofs have with the deal, including having to front money in the near future for ongoing plans to continue. Mayor Kevin Johnson feels that they are simply trying to "undercut" the propsed deal to save them more money, though George Maloof told the Bee that these New York meetings will get Sacramento "right back on track and start negotiating this thing again."

Although these meetings certainly signal some weakness in the overall plan, one league official noted that the league is open to bringing a team to Seattle, just not at Sacramento's expense.

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