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NFL Free Agency: Seahawks Host DT Aubrayo Franklin

The Seahawks hosted former Saints defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin to the VMAC on Tuesday, according to Adam Schefter, as they look to continue adding depth on their defensive line. Franklin, 31, is a former fifth round pick out of Tennessee by the Baltimore Ravens that played a key role on San Francisco's defense from 2007-2010. He was even tagged their franchise player in '10 before leaving last season on a one-year deal with the Saints.

Franklin, at 6'1, 317, would theoretically add nice depth and a veteran presence to the 'Hawks' defensive line. He'd be backing up, I assume, Brandon Mebane and Alan Branch in the middle, then possibly even as a pinch-replacement for Red Bryant if he were faced with injuries. As a nose tackle in San Francisco's 3-4 defense, Aubrayo had a measure of success, but struggled a bit more in the Saints' blitzing, attacking 4-3.

If signed in Seattle, the move could make some sense, as the Seahawks run a 'wait-and-see' type of defense along the line, predicated on stopping the run and not so much at rushing the passer, especially from the interior and on the strong side end spot. Franklin's experience in both one-gapping and two-gapping defenses could come in handy, as he could be asked to play both in Seattle's hybrid front line.

It's an interesting visit nonetheless, so keep your eye on that over the next days and weeks..

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