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WrestleMania 28 Results: The Rock Defeats John Cena By Pinfall In The Main Event

Sunday's megacard of WrestleMania 28 in Miami is finally in the books. At the end of a packed evening of pro wrestling action, the main event pitted icon against icon as John Cena faced off against The Rock. WWE billed the match as being "once in a lifetime," and both wrestlers tried their best to live up to the hype.

John Cena managed to get the upper hand in the early going, as the fight spilled to the outside of the ring. Cena dropped the Rock ribs-first across the announcer's table and then targeted the ribs and midsection of the People's Champ. The Rock made a comeback and was able to escape the Attitude Adjustment before the two combatants knocked each other down with a double-clothesline.

Cena and the Rock began exchanging blows and moves before Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment, but the Rock was able to kick out at two. The Rock recovered and hit a Rock Bottom, going on the attack. The control of the match swung back and forth before Cena locked in the STF. By the time the Rock was able to escape, both men were running on fumes but were able to counter one another's finishing moves. The Rock managed to hit the People's Elbow but it wasn't enough for the win.

The Rock dug down deep and went for a cross-body off the top rope. Cena rolled through and hit an Attitude Adjustment but, again, Rocky was able to kick out at two. Cena went for a People's Elbow of his own, but the Rock caught him mid-move with the Rock Bottom for the three-count and the win.

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