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WrestleMania 28 Results: CM Punk Retains WWE Championship By Forcing Chris Jericho To Tap Out

In the second-to-last match at Sunday's WrestleMania 28 event, reigning champion CM Punk defended the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho.

Before the match, new WWE general manager John Lauranaitis used his authority to add a stipulation to the match: if CM Punk gets disqualified for any reason, he will lose the title. As titles normally do not change hands on a countout or disqualification, this added a wrinkle to Punk's game plan.

Early in the match, Jericho attempted to provoke Punk into getting himself disqualified, but Punk was able to keep his composure. Jericho got the upper hand in the match for a bit before both men began matching one another blow for blow. Jericho hit his finisher, the Code Breaker, but Punk rolled out of the ring. Jericho rolled him back in and Punk his is own finisher, the GTS, but Jericho was able to get his foot on the ropes to break the pinfall.

Punk was later able to escape from a Walls of Jericho submission attempt and another Code Breaker. Punk went for a GTS, but Jericho was able to reverse it into another Walls of Jericho. Punk rolled Jericho up and then cinched on the Anaconda Vice. Jericho managed to escape the hold but Punk sunk in the Anaconda Vice once again and Jericho was forced to tap, giving Punk the win.

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