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NFL Uniform Changes: Nike Line to be Unveiled April 3rd

The NFL and Nike plan to unveil their new line of uniforms for the 2012 season on April 3rd, at an event in New York, according to PFT. While most teams will not be getting major design changes to their logos, color schemes, or what have you, there will be changes, likely, to fit and materials, and it's likely to alter the overall 'look' for most NFL uniforms, including the Seahawks. There have been rumors going around - Danny O'Neil provided a little fodder for our speculation when he wrote, "A little birdie gave out a few hints the helmets will be darker, and there will be some feather trim. The helmets are not expected to go back to being silver. But as McLoughlin indicated, it's not going to be a massive overhaul."

Earlier in the year, Nike raised some eyebrows and struck fear into non-Oregon football fans that the NFL would become Nike's brand-new uniform guinea pig, a la Phil Knight and the Ducks.

Nike brand president Charlie Denson fueled that expectation soon after the five-year deal with the NFL was announced in late 2010, saying, "We plan on changing the NFL jersey dramatically just like we've done with the college programs."

An NFL spokesman downplayed that notion last week and pointed out that teams and the league determine their logos and distinctive markings, not Nike. "We anticipate new uniform technology (i.e., performance-driven, lighter materials). That's what Nike's [Charlie] Denson was referring to in his interview in 2010 regarding changes," Brian McCarthy, the NFL's director of communications, told NBC's ProFootballTalk.

Mark Parker, Nike's CEO, elaborated:

"We've innovated at a very high level, the uniforms are lighter, they're faster, they're better fitting. So, the athletes are actually very excited about what we're going to bring to the professional game. People are wondering - What are you going to do? Are you going to get crazy with the uniforms? I think we're actually going to have some fun, but respect the tradition of these teams at the same time."