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Peyton Manning May Not Be Coming to Seattle, But Brock Huard Thinks He Should

The Peyton Manning roller coaster glass case of emotion hits DAY TWO today and not surprisingly, the whole 'helicopters trailing a moving vehicle as a motorcade leaves the airport' thing is really happening. That's right, in Denver. Peyton Manning is meeting tonight with the frickin Denver Broncos. Not the Seahawks. Even worse (or better, depending on what you think), this story by the Denver Post doesn't even list Seattle as one of Manning's eventual destinations. Per Danny ONeil,

There is actual bona fide news on Peyton Manning's process for picking his next team. The Denver Post has reported Manning is headed to Denver to meet with the Broncos, including John Elway, the vice president of football operations. The Post further cited a source saying he also will visit with Arizona and Miami after meeting with the Broncos.

No Seahawks???!!!

Former Seahawks and Colts QB - Peyton's former teammate and backup - Brock Huard states his case for why he believes the Seahawks will be 'very, very aggressive' in pursuing Manning, in an interview with KING-5 sports. It's actually a very compelling case from a guy that knows football, and more importantly, knows Peyton Manning.