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2012 Pac-12 Basketball Tournament: Bracket, Schedule And More

Oregon State advanced to the Pac 12 semifinals in a bit of a shocker beating top seeded Washington in 86 to 84.The season hasn't exactly gone as everyone would have liked at Oregon State. An eighth place finish in a down Pac 12 Conference has Beaver Head Coach Craig Robinson looking over his shoulder in terms of job security, but the win over Washington provided an emotional lift that could provide a positive memory to cap off the season. Robinson summed up the emotional win for his team in the post game press conference.

We have fought hard and lost our share of games five points and under, and it's not due to this guy's these guys'-- hard work. It's not due to these guys' lack of hard work, I should say. I mean, every day, four overtimes, one overtime. The next day, they come to work as if they had won the game. So this win is for these guys in that locker room, as well as our fans and our staff and all that kind of stuff. But it's special and emotional for these guys because they've been working this hard since the end of the season last year.

Obviously the best news for the Beavers is that the win over Washington means that Oregon State will live to play another day and in a Pac 12 with this much parity it's anyone's guess how far they could advance. Win two more games in Los Angeles and Oregon State could find themselves playing in the NCAA tournament. While it might not be likely, neither was beating Washington.

Oregon State awaits the winner of UCLA vs. Arizona in the second game of the early session.

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