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VIDEO: Seattle Prep's Josh Martin Dunks On O'Dea

During the first round 3A state tournament game pitting Metro League rival schools O'Dea and Seattle Prep against each other, Seattle Prep's Josh Martin threw down one of the most impressive dunks of the tournament. Late in the third quarter, on a fast break, senior point guard Jackson Clough handed the ball off to the trailing Martin, the following happened: (Skip to :25 mark)

WIAA Boys Basketball Highlights 2012 Day 1 Tacoma Dome (via ccglomstad)

Martin, a sophomore, is considered to be one of the top prospects in the state of Washington from the class of 2014. He currently holds a scholarship offer from Washington. The 6'8" forward is athletic as made evident by the his dunking ability, but also has range on his jumpshot that extends to the three-point line.

After their first round victory over O'Dea, Seattle Prep moved on to beat Kamiakin in the semifinals before losing to Rainier Beach in the state championship game.